MatraK AttaKK - CD 2016

by MatraK AttakK

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released June 12, 2016



all rights reserved


MatraK AttakK Belgium

MatraK AttakK is a 4piece crus/d-beat/grind band from Liege.

-CD Matrak AttaKK 2016 still available

- 2nd tour from 15 till 24 April 2017!...untill Zwitserland and Checz Republic!

-New gigs really soon!
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Track Name: No Self Defence
Nothing is worse, than real evidence, when the oppressor strikes back, there is no self defence, what should make us unite, tear us apart, no pity for others’ pain, only anger to realise.
No empathy, no tolerance, only the great dissolvance!
Trying to avoid the raging anger, feeling as your heart blasts, don’t know (anymore) where is the real danger, happiness (just) turn into dust. Useless words and mistakes, they will give us the stake!
Track Name: Ik ben Zot
They now can tell me who I am, giving me names, neurological scam, I feel doped, and have no brain, I am frozen inside, psychiatry is to be blamed!
Ik word zot ik word zot, godverdomme ik word zot.
The only thing left is to attack, the exploiting industry, pharmaceutical scum, selling drugs, call it mental health, destroying everybody with responsabilities stealth!
Ik ben zot ik ben zot, godverdomme ik ben zot!
Track Name: Leave your Label behind
So long I tried, to live my own life, so long I chose to believe like a fool, but once you keep in(your)mind, mental disorder diagnoses are vain, don’t push this thought away…Boycot don’t obey!
Leave your label behind, in this crazy world, you are one of a kind, believe it or not, this words make you blind, throw those pills you bought, what the hell have we become? The D.S.M. is scam!
Track Name: Duisterdom
De schimmen groeien, rondom mij, ik verdwijn, ze worden mij, ik word hen.
Decomposing she said!
Track Name: MatraK AttaKK
Refusing people, from a hospital, they call it, mental health. Fear and terror, in my eyes, only hope, left behind, naked and imprisoned, cops ready to kill, suffocating, my breath, no blood left, to be spilled!
Ghosts hunting me, (there is)no way out, please help me out, this is all about.
Inject the dead body,(the) psychiatrist did his duty! Glimpse of life fade away, murder they commit!
One of the thousand victims of psychiatry and fascism, no turning back, human lives turned to an end.
Track Name: Greed of the West
Taking the grains of the mouth, of the poor, to feed the cattle, need some more, eating meat luxury unknown starving people in a far off home.
Factory farms mass genocide killing machines greed of the west.
Taking the money for nation beliefs, taking the money, our nation the thief! Taking the grains of the mouth of their kids, buying happy meals so the profile fits.
Track Name: GasWar
I kill and spread, I boil your insides, I kill and spread, I eat your skin!
Men and women, children and babies, I kill blind without regrets!
Gas fills the trenches!
Track Name: Desperate
Why do we seek for a meaning in life, and keep on searching untill we all die?
Live your life and drag the best out of it, but what you drag is mostly shit!
Why? Desperate!
Deaths far away don’t mean a thing, they are just ‘apes’ we are the kings. Terror and suffering don’t hurt us anymore, food beer and fun make us a whole!
Why does it always have to be like that, the poor all starve the rich get fat?
Evil politicians rise up from the muck, the pigs corrupted, and the third world fucked!
Track Name: Anno 2016
ANNO 2016
People are puking, animals are dying, welcome to the show, it’s the Earth genocide!
Men quit ruling, no children anymore, extinction of mankind, no life to stand for.
Nuclear waste, genetical change, cancerogene breath, please end this disgrace!
Admire the explosions, body parts flying around, natural catastrofies, Earths’ extreme corrosion!
How much time is left to live? How much blood has to be spilled? How many injustices their eyes have to see?
How much pain, to they, have to feel? ‘Till we stop forever to breath!
Track Name: Trip To NoWhere
I'm taking a trip to nowhere, starting with this cure, I'm addicted to what they want, and fel into their lure.
Poisoning, soul and brain, kneeling, for the pain.
Craving for some peace, humankind lost its dreams.
Lock me in, don’t let me go because if you do it, you'll be forever gone.
Realising how bad it was, I'll swallow prozac and be forever gone!
Track Name: Fuck Shit Up!
I want to tear the walls, and stomp the fucking floor, and when you start to talk, it makes me want it more and more. I feel like fucking up, I feel like slitting wrists, I know I dont belong thats why I fuck shit up!
I can’t fucking eat, I can’t fucking sleep, I’m going fucking mental ‘cause I don’t believe, in a world as a better place, where you and I belong, so instead of helping out, I fuck shit up!